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Members of the media have to receive media accreditation before all of the home matches organized by Újpest FC.

Only journalists and photographers of written or electronic media with accreditation can report in the official matches of Újpest FC from 1 March 2012. Considering this, we call on the fellow workers of the media to register for accreditation before every match by 12:00 one workday before the match by applying at the press@ujpestfc.hu email address. 

We inform you that we can only accept accreditation applications sent to this email address.

Please provide the following information when filing your request:

  • Name of the accredited person,

  • Place of birth,

  • Date of birth,

  • The media organ the person is working for.

The accredited members can receive their ribbons that ensure entry rights at the office specifically established for the media on Megyeri út by showing your identification cards. Visibility vests are issued to the photographers here, as well. Places secured for photographers can be accessed through the clubhouse, press conferences after the matches are held in the media hall situated on the second floor.

Separate rules apply to the accreditation of TV companies, according to the regulations of the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ), the written authorizations of the TV companies with legal ownership are necessary.

By applying for the accreditation and receiving the media tickets or visibility vests for photographers, members of the media acknowledge and accept the related regulations of Újpest FC and the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ), they shall obey the requests of the security staff.

In accordance with the related regulations of UEFA and the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ), Újpest FC is entitled to set the number of accreditations for each match.

Stay tuned for updated information for 2019.




#9 Theophilus  Solomon