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Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion, 2019. február 2. 17:00

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion
2019. február 2. 17:00

There are a lot of purple-white mobiles!
2018. április 24. - ujpestfc.hu
Our fans’ enthusiasm is still undiminished in connection our great application.

At the end of March, we finally launched our application, which was planned for a while, its aim is to bring our fans closer as the 12th player to our club and to our footballers also. Thanks to the love of our fanatics it became the leading sport application at App Store within 24 hours and a lot of downloads derived from the Google Play also. It is a great happiness for us the enthusiasm is still undiminished, new and newer purple-white fans “purchase” it and use the different functions day by day. Regarding that we asked our fanatics in the past weeks, on match days, how they like the application and which possibilities they like to use in their free time.  

“I think the application is a really good initiation, I feel it brought closer us to the team. I always answer the questions of the Play and win! game right before the matches, and I hope I could guess perfectly what will happen on the pitch and I could get a new Újpest relic” – told István, who regularly visits the A terrace of our Stadium. 

Our developers do everything to make the match experience more colorful to our fans with the help of our unique application. Our programmers put great emphasis to the continuous developments and innovations besides the other additional improvements. Our common goal is to improve a unique application in Hungary, moreover we would like to provide an excellent quality to our fans on European level also. 

“Right before every round I set up my own starting eleven and I wait, how could I think together with master Vignjevic. I always vote for the most valuable player of the game (MVP) after the 80 minutes, because I am sure the guys like the feedback” – told Mariann, who is always supporting our team at B terrace.

After the training on Tuesday we asked our players about their opinion. There was one thing they agreed each other, it was good for them the supporting words right before the game. “We like to read the encouraging messages before the game, it is a great feeling a lot of people think about us and they think it is important to share their thoughts, hopes with us. Our fanatics give us enormous motivation, when they express their love for our club and for us, furthermore they cheer and support us in the tougher periods also” – told our webpage Benjámin Balázs.

The leaders of Újpest FC and the players also truly hope the interest of our fanatics will remain, as well more new members would join us, would play, send message with the usage of our application! Our purple-white fans support and cheer with the mobile application our boys to achieve the first place of the Hungarian Cup, furthermore to catch the third place of podium at the championships during the fights from Saturday to Saturday.

Thank you! Let’s go Purples!




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