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Gyula Zsengellér was born 102 years ago
2017. december 27. - ujpestfc.hu
“Ábel”, one of the best strikers of Újpest would be 102 years old today.

102 years ago, on 27th of December 1915 was born Gyula Zsengellér, one of the most effective footballers of our club.

Gyula Zsengellér, as a young footballer, studied the base knowledge of the sport at Ceglédi Vasutas Sportegyesület and after that he became a professional at Salgótarján. After Salgótarján “Ábel” spent 12 amazing years at Újpest, and during this time he scored 368 goals in 302 championship games. He won with our team four championship titles and five top scorer titles (1937/38: 31 goals, 1938/39: 56 goals, 1942/43: 26 goals, 1943/44: 33 goals, 1945: 36 goals). He also played at the national team where he scored 32 goals in 39 games. He was a player of the silver medal winner national team of the World Cup of 1938. According to the International Federation of Football History & Statistics he was one of the most successful scorers in the first division with his 416 goals in 394 matches.

After his Újpest career he played in Italy and in Columbia after that he was a successful coach in Cyprus and in Greece. Gyula Zsengellér died in Cyprus in 1999, his family buried him in his home town, Cegléd on 23rd of November. His home town makes every year commemoration about our legendary footballer.

“We can describe him with the following characters: perfect technical preparedness, tactical sense, imaginative game approach, high control skills and amazing ability to score a goal. He was a full striker both of the positions of the inside three. He was amazing to pass the ball to his teammates and he could make chances to them. He also attacked the goal with his rapid tricks, fast runs and with his good position. (...) Ferenc Szusza learnt from the popular “Ábel” the knowledge of the control.”- described him from Albert to Zsák football chronicle by Zoltán Antal and József Hoffer, besides that the “after the 700th” book called him as one the top scorers of all time.




#7 Simon Krisztián